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Small Living Room Design Tips and Ideas for Your Home

by Support Team .

Sunday, June 19, 2016

If you have a small living room, you are probably unsure of how to properly decorate it without making it actually look small. Having a lot of room to work with has its advantages and if you are left with minimal working space, then the tips below will help you get a head start on decorating your small living room.

Small Living Room Design Tips 1: Use Vertical Space

You should use both horizontal and vertical space in your living room. When you are limited on space, you will find that you run out of room quickly, but if you have a shelving unit that extends vertically, you will provide yourself with many more options to store décor and knick-knacks.

Small Living Room Design Tips 2: Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can enhance the look of any room and it will help brighten your living room. Natural light is also great for making a room appear bigger in size than it is. If you are limited on natural light, then consider some soft, ambient lighting fixtures that can be turned on and dimmed when needed.

Small Living Room Design Tips 3: Stay Neutral

Keep a neutral color palette and do not go for bold. Neutral colors will help your room appear larger and your guests will not feel bombarded by the color choice. Also, neutral colors work best if you do not have a lot of natural lighting.

Small Living Room Design Tips 4: Get Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is perfect for any living room that does not have a lot of space. In fact, you will find this furniture useful in a number of different ways. When you think of multi-functional furniture, what comes to mind? If you are thinking a stool with a removable top and a storage bin inside, bingo!

You can choose from a variety of styles including a couch with coasters and an entertainment console or a coffee table that opens up into a multi-bin organizer. You can store extra blankets and items inside that you do not need to have out in the open.

When it comes to decorating your small living room, avoid the large dramatic pieces and turn to multi-functional furniture and vertical shelving. If you need help choosing the right décor, contact J. Design Group today. Our expert interior design professionals can help you.

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