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Tall Walls: How to Decorate Them Effectively

by Support Team .

Sunday, August 7, 2016

If your home has tall walls, then you may not know how to decorate them effectively. It is important that you choose the right décor to ensure that your walls do not feel like they are closing in on you. Simply hanging a bunch of decorations on the walls will not work because you need to take up space as well as choose the perfect colors, etc.

These tips below will help you properly decorate your home’s tall walls and you will find that you love the new space.

Tall Walls Tip 1: Don’t Be Shy

When it comes to colors, do not be shy. You should choose bold colors to make the wall pop. You can have bright neon colors or you can choose a mish mosh of patterns to really make the wall the centerpiece of the room.

Tall Walls Tip 2: Make Use of Vertical Artwork

There are not many other times where you will be able to use that beautiful vertical piece of artwork you have. Take this opportunity to hang it up and make it a focal point in your room with tall walls. You can also place smaller pictures around the larger one or next to it to create a beautiful effect.

Tall Walls Tip 3: Make a Stone Wall

Yes, you read that right. You can turn your tall walls into accent walls and use stone to embellish them. You will find that the stone creates a rustic look and you can even add soft lighting to the wall to create the right look in your home.

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