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The Interior Design of Corporate Offices Needs to be Stunning

by Support Team .

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When potential clients walk into your corporate office they are making a determination about your company from the start.  What your interior design looks like says a great deal about the type of business that you run so you want it to be absolutely stunning.  More corporations have lost huge deals simply because they did not spend the time or the money to have a base of operations that is polished and looks great from the minute a person walks into the door.  It doesn’t matter how well other aspects of your business are; people always make assumptions based on their first impression so you want to make a great one!  The following are some ways that you can impress your potential clients with your corporate interior design.

The Reception Area

Before you even get to meet with anyone they are greeted by the receptionist in the reception area.  This area needs to be one of the best looking of the office and it needs to be impressive.  You can consult a commercial interior design firm that can help you to get this room looking flawless.  It is important to offer not only comfortable seating, but you also want it to tie in with the rest of the room.  Start with your branding colors and create a big logo on the main wall that is seen first when one walks through the door.  Make sure that the receptionist’s desk is not cluttered where it can be seen from the door to give the impression of order.  All computer terminals and paperwork should be under the main reception desk.  The furniture and carpeting should match the colors of the brand as should all the artwork and it needs to be clean and dust free at all times.

Corporate Offices

The offices need to have just as much interior design as the rest of the building if not more so.  It is important to impress potential clients so they want to sign that big deal or become a permanent customer or vendor for the company.  Try to keep with the same color palette and furniture colors as the rest of the building but go that one step further with built in bookshelves and large opulent desks.  Make sure that the furniture in the office is just as comfortable as in the waiting or reception area.  Also, add some personal touches like artwork that matches the décor or family photos on the desk.  This gives the visitors a chance to see that there is a family behind the business person.

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Board Rooms and Other Public Areas

You also want to make sure that your boardroom is impressive as this is where you will be holding many of your meetings.  It is also vital to have a guest bathroom just for clients that can be kept well maintained and that is not used by the employees.  This is a public area of the office building that is often overlooked but also could use the touch of a modern interior designer to make sure it has the right ambience.

If you want to impress a potential client then it is vital to start with an impressive office complex.  Make sure that you have a designer who can come in and work with you on what would make your corporate offices stand out!

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