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The Interior Design Process Simplified

by Support Team .

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Interior Design ProcessIs your office in need of a makeover? Does it look drab and outdated? Have you been putting off a remodel because you dread the hassles associated with remodeling? Having a modern office design that’s both comfortable and functional goes a long ways in making a good impression on business associates and clients. Since it is a reflection of your company, you want visitors to see your office as a well-organized, modern facility where they feel welcomed and comfortable.

You can ensure the project goes smoothly when you understand what happens during each stage of the interior design process. Projects include a lot of planning before the initial work even begins and you’ll need to include your interior designer right from the start. This way, she can go through the different stages of the design process with you.

User Requirements and Concept Development Stage

The first stage in any office design project is determining the needs of your company. Your design must be fully functional and convenient so everything from the position of the equipment to the way the furniture is arranged is important. A good design will speed up operations and everything will be neat and organized. During the concept development stage, the designer will consider the space allowed, the lighting, materials and the color pallet.

The Development and Presentation Stage

After determining the company’s requirements, the designer will create a plan using CAD and diagrams as blueprints. She will create a floor plan that includes everything from where the furnishings will be located to the color of the guests seating. The plan will also include a budget proposal. She will then conduct a presentation to go over the details with you.

This is the time when you need to discuss any concerns you have about the plan. Ask any questions you have and talk about any new ideas you believe would be beneficial to the design. Now is the time to make any changes that you’re not happy with, so the designer can alter the plans to meet your needs better before moving into the next stage of the design process.

Hiring Contractors and Beginning Construction

Up to this point, you have worked hand in hand with the interior designer to create the perfect office plan. From this point on, she will be handling most of the project. While you do need to check in and confer often to stay updated, she will contact potential contractors, accept bids and choose the best companies to handle the job based on your final agreement.

Once the construction starts, your interior designer will supervise the work, make sure everything is on schedule and keep you updated. She will deal with any problems that arise, so you can focus your attention on running your business and taking care of clients.

Knowing what will happen during each stage of the project will help you prepare for the changes ahead. This way, you know what to expect so you can make plans to handle the project, without it interfering with your daily operations. When you have a trusted and professional interior designer helping with your project, things can run smoothly and your business will experience limited interruptions.

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