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The Latest Trends in Bedroom Interior Design

by Support Team .

Friday, July 19, 2013

There is nothing better than getting ready to do a redesign on a room in your house and one of the best rooms to start with is your bedroom.  If you are thinking about redecorating your bedroom and you want to change it up to a more modern interior design plan then you should find a designer who knows the latest trends.  There are many new colors to choose from and certain fabrics that are trendier than others.  Below are some of the latest trends in bedroom interior design that you can discuss with your designer.

Colors that are Trending

When you speak to your bedroom interior designer, you should ask them to work in hues of medium to dark browns in order to promote the most relaxation.  Your bedroom should be your retreat from the world and these colors have been found to offer better sleep.  Brighter colors can be too distracting and patterns in the bedroom are also a thing of the past.  You can throw in some beiges throw pillows and accents to add a bit more depth to the room and dark greens are also a great combination with brown.  Have your designer bring a swatch book so you can choose the darks shades of brown that you want in your bedroom.

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The Height of the Bed

There was a time when beds were placed high off the floor and this has pretty much stayed the same over the years.  One reason for this was to keep the bed from the cold floor when there was a lack of heating in bedrooms.  Today, we live in world that offers plenty of heating so this is not necessary anymore.  It has been found that beds that are lower to the ground can help during sleep because the body is more comfortable.  In Asian societies, the beds are always lower to the ground and this trend is now sweeping other countries.  Ask your designer to help you choose a great bed frame that is lowered.

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Lighting is Important

One of the most important aspects of bedroom interior design is having the proper lighting.  Since this is a room for relaxation you want lower wattage bulbs that offer a soft light rather than the harsh bright lights you may use in your kitchen.  Also include a couple reading lights in your night stand or headboards if you are a reader.  Many people like to watch television in bed so ask your designer to choose a spot where it won’t intrude on the ambient light.  You may even want your designer to creatively “hide” the television until you want to use it by putting it behind a panel or even having it sink into a chest at the foot of your bed.

There are so many new trends in bedroom interior design that anybody who wants to get the perfect bedroom should really speak to an interior designer.  They know and understand these trends and can help you get the perfect bedroom that offers the best rest.

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