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The Top Four Hottest Interior Design Trends

by Support Team .

Friday, September 6, 2013

Interior design, like fashion, is ever changing and what was hot last year may no longer be in vogue today.  The only difference in residential interior design and the fashion world is that some trends can be out much quicker in fashion.  But when new trends come to home design, they tend to be drastic and interesting at the same time.  If you want to know what is hot in interior design, see below for six of the top trends.

It’s all About Brass

Brass has come and gone in interior design and right now it’s making a huge comeback.  Brass is hot in just about any room of the house from brass fixtures in bathroom to brass chandeliers in the dining room.  One of the reasons that it is so popular is that it is not expensive and it also offers a timeless look that is an also trending at the moment.  When thinking about brass and kitchen interior design, something as simple as brass knobs can really amp up the look of the cabinets.

Elegance is Making a Comeback

There have been many periods when residential interior design was elegant and classy.  Some of the recent trends have been more futuristic with clean lines and clear spaces.  Today, elegance is making a comeback and it is now about quality pieces and more consideration in the décor aspect of the space.  Classic fabrics are taking the place of creams and brown and the word pretty is no longer a bad in the industry.

Interior Design

Fabrics Generated on a Computer

One of the biggest trends that are happening not only in the home design field but also in the fashion world is fabrics that are generated on a computer.  The latest technology allows designers to create fabrics on a computer.  When the program sends the design to the printer, the exact design is printed out on the fabrics.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the wide variety and unique patterns that can be created for interior design.

What’s With Man Caves?

Just a few years ago, man caves were dark dungeons, a no woman’s land, of television and a pony keg.  There may have been some team paraphernalia dotting the walls but who could see it with the poor lighting?  Today’s man caves are modern and have more design elements in them than some people’s living rooms offer.  The lighting is bright, the spaces are utilized in a smart manner and the area is more contemporary than ever before.

Home Theater Design

When it comes to residential interior design, trends come and go and those who want a home that is stylish and following the latest trends need to consider the above.  These trends are expected to become the norm soon so if you want your home to be showplace then add some brass accents to various rooms in the home.  Try creating your own fabrics for your upholstered pieces and have at least one room that is a testament to elegance.  For the men, it’s time to amp up that man cave and by getting it out the garage and into a space worthy of the name.

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