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Three easy bathroom design ideas to liven up the place

by Support Team .

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Luxury Bathroom design ideas

Implementing the right bathroom design ideas can make it so every time you step inside, your mood will instantly brighten up., creating a barrier between this private space and the rest of your home.

Also, it is usual for bathrooms to be unattractive and repelling. Old decór styles have bathrooms filled with fluorescent lights, repulsive wall colors, and even old floor mats and fittings. Making it a burden to go inside for a moment of peace and privacy.

With the right changes, any bathroom can become an appealing place while still providing a soothing atmosphere for whoever steps through the door. Make the best out of your lavatory with a few ideas to brighten up the place for your guests and family.

The right bathroom design ideas integrate the old & the new

The most effective improvement that most old bathrooms can use is a new coat of paint. Because modern paints can be moisture-proof while also being available in a wide range of colors, there are many more color palettes compared to the ones available 20 years ago, which you can employ on that visitor’s bathroom that has remained the same for years.

Sometimes it’s just not enough to only paint the walls for your bathroom ideas to work. Buy eggshell or a different type of paint for cabinets and counters. You will see that choosing the right combination will bring fresh air to a room that was uninviting at first. When in doubt, choose white and wood brown. You can start from there and apply other shades and hues to see what fits best.

Bathroom Decor 101: Lights are everything

Dim lighting or fluorescent lights are synonyms of insufficient care and outdated style. Try renewing the bathroom’s lighting, mainly by switching lamps, light bulbs, and reconfiguring the room according to its light sources.

Designers suggest including LED lighting fixtures, mainly because they are cool, soothing, and energy efficient. This can allow for a feeling of ease and comfort whenever a person enters and switches on the lights.

Remember to install lighting only if you know how to deal with electric hardware. When in doubt, consult a professional. Don’t be skimpy about how much it can cost, seeing that causing a short circuit could force you to pay for the repairs, while still having to call the repairman that you refused to call in the first place.

Change the floor and simplify the bathroom design

Redesigning the floor pattern might do wonders for your bathroom design ideas. There are vinyl floor planks, adhesive tiles, and many textured surfaces that are just delightful to step on. Be sure to bring a sample of what your bathroom looks like to the home improvement shop to have the attendant help you decide which floor tiles could fit best with what you have. Bathroom floor tiles are also waterproof and tend to come in with a decent warranty for extended periods of time.

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