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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Appliances

by Support Team .

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

kitchen appliancesA big part of kitchen design is choosing the appliances and you have many options available. For example, an energy efficient dishwasher is an excellent choice that will make clean-up much easier and microwaves sure come in handy when heating leftovers. However, the sink, refrigerator and the stove are the three main kitchen appliances that all homes have. Choosing the right style and size for your kitchen is imperative, so don’t rush into anything.

When Choosing Kitchen Appliances Pay Close Attention to the Sink

Choosing a sink may seem like a simple task but there are many styles to choose from, which makes it more difficult. Your cooking habits will play a major role in what style sink to use. For example, if you use large pans when cooking, you need a deep and wide sink that will make rinsing or washing the pans after each use easier.

When buying a kitchen sink durability is very important. You’ll use your sink everyday and you don’t want it to chip or crack if you accidently drop a pan in it. Stainless steel sinks are extremely durable and hold up well under everyday use. Other things to consider is the shape of the sink, single or double bowls and the number of pre-drilled holes, which determines what type of faucet you can use.

Pick the Right Refrigerator

Walk around an appliance store or search the Web and you might be a little shocked at how many options you have when buying a refrigerator. You will find the traditional style with the fridge at the bottom and a small freezer on top, the double door refrigerators with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other side and there are even styles with the freezer on the bottom half of the unit.

Some have icemakers and some don’t. You also have a variety of finishes and sizes to choose from that will have a major impact on your kitchen design. Certain finishes go better with certain types of kitchen designs and we can help you choose the best option for your home. Give us a call to set up a design consultation to discuss your design project in detail.

Consider the size of your family, your kitchen space and your lifestyle when choosing a refrigerator. For example, if you have any medical problems that make stooping over difficult, the unit with the fridge on top or the side would be the best option. If you have a large family or do a lot of cooking, you need all the room you can get. Otherwise, a smaller fridge would be efficient and use less electric. Consider your personal needs before making a choice.

What Type of Stove Do You Need, Electric or Gas?

Another choice you will have to make is whether to buy an electric or gas stove. In part, the choice will depend on what you like best but there are some factors to consider that will affect your decision. The electric stove will use more energy and it takes it longer heat up. However, many people prefer this type because it’s so simple. All you have to do is set the controls and start cooking.

If you have any other appliances that use gas such as the hot water heater or heating unit, the gas stove may be your best option. Choosing a gas stove will reduce the amount of electricity you use, they heat up faster and cook foods more evenly. However, they have a pilot light that will have to be relit before you can cook if it goes out, so that’s something to consider.

Choosing your appliances is a very important decision. Be sure to give it a lot a thought before making a purchase to avoid regrets later.

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