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The Fridge Matters! Tips for Choosing a Man Cave Bar Refrigerator

by Support Team .

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Your man cave is the center of all your manly happenings from watching the latest football game to cheering on your favorite race cars. But, what is a man cave without a beer fridge or a place to keep all of your beers, wines, and drinks?

To keep your man cave a luxurious place of relaxation, you NEED to have the right features and elements. Now that we have gone over how to decorate your cave area, let’s go over some things to keep in mind when you choose your fridge.

1. The Size

Size is important and it definitely matters in this situation. If you are one who likes to have friends over all of the time, then you will need a larger fridge than someone who is only looking for one for themselves.

The larger your bar fridge, the less trips you need to make back and forth to the main kitchen. In addition, you will be able to hold a larger variety of drink options as well.

2. Features

The features of your bar refrigerator are more important than you think. A luxury fridge for your bar will include a water maker, ice dispenser, and backup cooler. If you are lacking these items, you may need to make unnecessary trips to the kitchen or you may find yourself frustrated that you have to keep a bucket of ice on the counter.

In addition, if you have a backup cooler, you will be able to store any additional drinks in there without having to leave them out or chug them right away.

3. Type of Beverage

The type of beverage you keep in your bar fridge will determine the type of fridge you actually need. Sometimes, it helps to choose a fridge that will accommodate beer cans or beer bottles. You can also choose a fridge with additional door space to keep your liquor there as well.

When you are decorating your man cave, you cannot forget about the refrigerator. It is important that you think about the type of drinks, size of drinks, and features you desire before you go shopping.

If you need help designing and planning out the details of your man cave bar, the team at J. Design Group can help you.

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