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Tips for Decorating the Living Room

by Support Team .

Friday, October 31, 2014

Your living room is the one area in your home that was created to entertain guests, which is why it’s usually positioned in the front part of the home and often connected to the dining room. Some homeowners consider the living room and family room as the same thing but there is a big difference between the two.

The living room is more spacious and designed solely for entertainment purposes, while the family room is the place where you and the kids gather on family night to watch movies. Simply put, the living room is a formal area of your home while the family room is informal and designed especially for comfort and relaxation.

The way you decorate your living room is very important because it says a lot about your style and personality. The following tips for decorating the living room will help you create a comfortable and stylish room perfect for entertaining guests.

Decorating the Living Room Includes the Arrangement of Furniture

One of the first things that your guests will notice is how the furniture is arranged. The right arrangement will create a friendly and inviting environment that welcomes your visitors into your home. Your goal is to create a formal area where you can entertain guests in a comfortable environment that makes them feel relaxed and the following tips can help:

  • Arrange the sofa and chairs where they face each other instead of lining them along one wall
  • Place a coffee table in the center of the furniture
  • Pull your furniture away from the walls a couple of feet to create an airy feeling in the room
  • Add end tables to give your guests a place to sit their beverages
  • Use lamps to create more lighting and different ambiance to suit different moods

A built-in entertainment center with doors will provide entertainment and help keep your living room more organized and clutter free. You can listen to music or watch movies while entertaining your guests and close the doors to keep everything out of sight when not in use.

Add a Personal Touch

Your living room gives you a chance to show off your personality so don’t be afraid to get creative. You want a stylish and modern design but that does not mean that you can’t add a personal touch to your décor. You want to display the items that mean the most to you in this room, so place personal items like collectibles on the shelves, look for curtains and area rugs with designs that you like and decorate your living room with your favorite colors.

Choose art pieces and other wall décor that means something to you personally instead of items that look good but have no special meaning. The personal items you add is what makes your living room unique and they can also turn into wonderful conversation pieces.

You do want to consider decorating trends and current style when decorating your living room but it also needs to have a personal touch. Give us a call and our experienced decorators can help you create the look that suits both your home and your personality.

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