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Tips for Creating a Luxurious Man Cave

by Support Team .

Friday, October 18, 2013

Every man who is into sports dreams of having a man cave where he can watch games, have a beer or cocktail and enjoy just being a man.  Even women who love sports can have a great girl cave and the days of hiding out in the basement or garage are long gone.  Today, men and women caves are now less cave like and more in touch with the needs of the people who use this room.  When planning your residential interior design, make sure you put some money into the sports room of the house so you can throw awesome final four or Superbowl parties.  The following are some great tips for having a luxurious man/woman cave for all your favorite sporting events.

A Large Television is a Must

Unlike other rooms in the home, the main focus of a sports room or man cave is the television that the games will be watched on.  While you must have a large television for adequate viewing enjoyment, you also want to make sure that the room is the right size for the room.  You can actually buy a television that is too big so the picture just doesn’t look right from some of the seating area.  Contact a top interior designer in Miami who understands the proportions the television needs to be.  They can also help you to find the perfect spot for the television to give people the most access to the television.

You Need Comfortable Seating

There have been some great advancements in seating for any room of the house and one of the best types would be theater seating.  With theater seating you get both comfort and plenty of seats for all of the viewers of the game without worrying about someone missing any of the action.  These seats even come with cup holders to keep drinks from spilling and they can also recline for those times when you just want to watch a game on your own.  No matter what type of seating you choose, you need to make sure it is comfortable and that is has support for those who may have issues with their back.

Bar Area

Any home interior design that features a sports room needs to have a bar so you should consider this for your man cave too.  You can get a bar that also has a kegorater, or refrigerator that has taps for a keg of beer and room for beer bottles.  It is much easier buying a keg every few weeks or months, depending on how much you and your friends drink, rather than trying to buy bottles or cans as needed.  You can also find a full bar set up from your favorite team’s store or at other places online.  Also, your interior designer may be able to find a themed bar too.

If you want to have a luxurious man cave then you need to have all of the essentials such as a big screen television, comfortable seating and a bar that rivals any pub or sports bar in your area.


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