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5 Tips for Redesigning Your Restaurant’s Interior

by Support Team .

Saturday, October 31, 2015

As a restaurant owner, you may already have a design in mind for your business or you may be on the fence about how to spruce up your dining room area. If your restaurant’s interior is outdated, it will be hard to sell upscale food at an upscale price. Your customers expect a certain atmosphere when they think luxury.

If you need help coming up with some ideas on how to improve the look of your restaurant’s interior, take a look below. These tips can help take your restaurant from boring to luxurious.

Tip 1: Design Your Menu with Simplicity in Mind

Upscale restaurants do not have menus that are 10 pages long. When you are redesigning the interior of your restaurant, take your menu into consideration as well. Think about the menu items you offer, the way the menu is designed, the length of the menu, and also the prices.

Tip 2: Create a Relaxing Restroom Atmosphere

When it comes to your restaurant’s restrooms, you want to continue to provide the comfortable and luxurious feel, but how can you do that? You can redesign your bathrooms with elements that remind people of something that is upscale such as granite countertops, wood floors, and soft ambient lighting.

Tip 3: Quality Silverware

If your restaurant is using cheap silverware, your customers will feel as though they are eating at a cheap restaurant. If the quality of your food is upscale, then you should purchase and use better quality silverware. Heavy and ornate silverware is ideal and should be wrapped neatly in a cloth napkin.

Tip 4: Choose Doorknobs That Speak about Your Restaurant

Believe it or not, your doorknobs speak volumes about your restaurant. If you have old, outdated knobs on the doors, your customers will view your restaurant as outdated and they will not expect much.

You should consider a larger and heavier doorknob with a beautiful design. Remember, your restaurant’s front doors and knobs are the first impression your customers get.

Tip 5: Soft Color Scheme

If you walk into a restaurant with a bright, neon paint job, you are likely to change your mind about how upscale the restaurant truly is. You should consider a soft color scheme with décor that fits in with the era you are going for.

For instance, if you have an Italian restaurant, you may want to create a place that reminds customers of Venice. You can place shutters on the wall, serve upscale wine, and add additional features that remind your customers of Italy.

If you need help redesigning your restaurant interior, the team at J. Design Group can help you. Our experts can help you envision a beautiful and luxurious restaurant design.

Looking for additional ways to improve your customers experience? Think about providing your customers with a warm and inviting lobby.

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