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Four Ways To Make Furniture Stand Out With Contrasting Colors

by Editorial Team .

Monday, April 9, 2018

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The latest trends in home decor call for bright colors, and contrasting shades that make a bold statement. For the lay person, it can look impossible to do in their own home. How are they going to make that work without making it look mismatched and amateur? Here are four ways you can make your furniture stand out with contrasting colors that will make your home look amazing.

1. Pick Colors Within The Same Color Family

A Miami interior designer may come into your home and create what looks like a riot of colors. The room may look at first glance to have all kind of colors in there, but in fact, the palette is more subtle than that.

For example, take a room that has blue, red, and black all worked into the decor. At first, these don’t sound as though they go together. They do though because the interior designer has picked the colors and placed them very carefully.

The walls may be blue, and that creates a background color for the room. The furniture, such as sofas and tables, will be in shades of red and orange that complement each other. The rug will be black and white, keeping these colors on the floor and creating contrast with the furniture.

Together, these look like a mishmash of colors, but they do work together when you pick your palettes carefully.

2. Use White To Balance Out Bright Colors

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When you’re using bright contrasting colors in your home, it’s easy to go overboard and create a look that’s too bright to handle. If you feel as if your decor is going this way, a splash of white can be just the thing to balance it out.

White is neutral, and it’ll work well with any color combination that you’re using. That makes it perfect for any look that you’re creating in your home.

For example, if you have wooden dining room furniture in your home that doesn’t currently go with the new look, you can paint it white to match the room. This means you still get to use the form that your favorite pieces give you, without having to replace them. You can also create the look by adding white throw pillows or blankets to sofas or using white rugs and carpets underfoot.

3. Dial Up The Patterns And Dial Down The Colors

If you’re looking to use some vibrant patterns in your home decor, go right ahead. They can make a regular room look amazing, just with the addition of well placed patterned wallpaper, bedding, or curtains.

If you do this though, any good interior design firm Miami will tell you that by dialing up the pattern, you’ll need to dial down the color. Bright colors and patterns in the same proportions can overwhelm a room, and the look won’t look as good as you were hoping.

If you’re using a bold pattern, keep the color to a minimum. You can use the color on one chair in the corner of the room, or on some throw pillows. That way you still get your contrasting colors, but it won’t take over the whole room.

The same goes the other way around, too. If you want to use more color in the room, keep the pattern to one item in the room. A fun way of doing this is to use the pattern in a fabric that you can cover a chair or footstool in.

4. Don’t Commit If You’re Worried

Miami interior designerAre you unsure about using contrasting colors in your decorating? It can be off-putting, as what if you paint the walls and then discover you hate the color combination? It’s a valid fear, so if you’re worried don’t commit right now to a full overhaul of your home decor. Instead, make small, reversible changes so you can test the waters.

Again, throw pillows are great for this. Pick up some cushion covers in the colors you want to try, and use them on your sofa or bed. If you like the way they look, then you can start bringing in more items in those colors such as rugs, decorative items, and even furniture.

Once you’ve given it a try, you can then go the whole hog and start painting the walls. Decide you don’t like it? No problem! Just remove the items, or change them out for items that are more neutral. It’s cheap and it’s reversible, so you don’t need to commit right away.

Here at JDesign Group, we pride ourselves on being the best interior designer in Miami. If you have any questions about using contrasting colors in your home, give us a call. We can help you create a look that’s right for you and your home.


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