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White and Black Can Make a Statement for Luxury Interior Design

by Support Team .

Monday, October 14, 2013

If you are looking for a clean modern look for any room of the home consider a black and white color palette that really makes a statement.  When it comes to residential interior design, black and white is always a popular choice for many people.  While some may think that a white and black room lacks creativity, it does take some creative talents to make this type of design choice unique and individual.  There are some rooms in the home where this color palette would not work, such as the bedroom, but other rooms would be spectacular in black and white.  Below are three rooms that you can make look stunning with just a black and white color palette.

The Kitchen

One of the best rooms to do in black and white is the kitchen because most people want to have this area as pristine as possible.  You can really see when there is a mess that needs cleaning with white countertops.  Black major appliances are a great addition and really play off the white countertops.  You can find white countertops in a wide variety of stone or other materials.  Finish off white cabinets with black handles and drawer pulls in fun designs.  There are many to choose from and a good interior design firm should be able to match your tastes to perfection.  If you want, you can always add a splash of color here and there like red small appliances or small decorations.


The Formal Living Room

When it comes to luxury residential interior design, nothing beats a black and white color scheme like the formal living room.  This is the area only used when there is company so you want it to make a huge statement.  When your guests see the pristine white sofa with contrasting black cushions they immediately think luxury.  Adding some black tables with beautiful and expensive artwork only makes the room look even more put together.  You can choose ebony pieces that scream decadence or other woods or metal that is painted in deep black with a high gloss finish.   Again, you can always add small hints of color like in the artwork that is surrounded in a black frame some pretty flowers in a white vase.

Modern Kitchen Design

The Bathroom

There is no end to the amount of pieces you can find for a great black and white bathroom.  Your designer can show you swatches for a beautiful black and white shower curtain and throw rugs to match.  A lovely black pedestal sink can be topped with a white basin and you can find black toilets just about anywhere.  Choose thick black towels for the towel rack with delicate white hand towels for your guests to dry their hands on.  You can even find black and white hand soaps that come in a variety of shapes and scents for your guests to wash their hands with.

If you want to give your home that luxurious look and feel, design a room in black and white and see the envy on the faces of your family, friends and guests!

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