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Your Bed is the Centerpiece of Your Interior Design

by Support Team .

Monday, November 4, 2013

Did you know that you spend a huge percentage of your life sleeping in your bedroom?  This is why your bed is so important and should be the first consideration when you are designing or redecorating your bedroom.  This room needs to be conducive to relaxation and promoting sleep but there are many beds out there so how can you decide what type of bed you want to be the centerpiece of your bedroom?  This is not about the mattress, you can choose from a wide variety of very well constructed beds that offer you the best sleep you’ve ever had.  This is about the bed frame and how it fits into the general room design.  The following are a few types of bed frames that you can consider.

Platform/Futon Bed

The platform bed has been very popular in Eastern cultures throughout many hundreds of years.  It is now become just as popular in the west and is a great choice for any bedroom interior design.  It is thought that sleeping closer to the floor generates and promotes a better night’s sleep and after all, that is what we are all looking for right?  One issue that some may have is having trouble getting in and out of the bed because it is so low to the floor.  The elderly or those who have back problems may not be able to use this type of bed but for the rest, it can be a huge help when trying to sleep.

Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed is a really traditional type of bedroom furniture and can offer both a contemporary and classic design effect.  One of the best aspects of a four poster bed is that they come in a wide variety of wood types and even other materials.  If you want a very contemporary look you can choose wrought iron rather than wood.  Then you can add in some other wrought iron pieces such as sconces for candles and other types of accessories.  You can also choose a more classic and traditional effect, choose a nice dark wood and detailing that accents the other furniture pieces in the room.

Padded Headboard

For those who spend a great deal of time reading before going to sleep you may want to consider a bed frame that has a padded headboard.  You can even go one step further and have your home interior designer purchase a headboard that attaches to the wall rather than to the bed frame.  While this means rearranging the room is out of the question, it is more stable and it is much better when sitting up and reading or watching television in bed.  One of the best aspects of this type of bed is that you can choose any material for the headboard and when you are ready to redecorate, you can simply have it reupholstered to match the new décor.

When it comes to the bedroom, your bed must be centerpiece of your interior design efforts.

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