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Using fundamental color schemes can make your home appear visually dull and flat. However, you can make your interior visually appealing by using contrasting techniques. You’ll discover that contrasting techniques can produce a lasting impression in your room’s styling. Moreover, contrast gives impact to your space while pulling your interiors together. If you’re new to […]

Home designing isn’t merely about aesthetics but also comprises the proper choice and usage of materials and items that wouldn’t be harmful to your health. After all, society is increasingly becoming aware of the significance of environmentally responsible interior design and building. Consequently, we see more clients integrating sustainability principles in the interiors. With the […]

Over the past few years, more companies have discovered the solution to maintaining the desired temperature in their buildings while maintaining low costs. The solution is reflective products and surfaces, which are gaining popularity because of their energy-saving benefits, competitive pricing, and ease of installation. The most well-known kind of reflective surface is the cool […]

Kitchen by Miami interior designer

Interior Design Trends If you’re thinking of revamping your living space, perhaps it’s time you hired a Miami interior designer. Our professionals typically create functional and attractive spaces beside knowing and understanding the current industry trends. Whether it’s a kitchen or bedroom, our professionals have distinctive and innovative design solutions for any kind of outfit. […]

Interior Design Trends

The J. Design Group is your premier Miami interior design agency. With over 25 years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to beautify any home or office. With a complete range of design services, we are proud to offer personalized and customized finishes and accents for any job. From Fisher Island […]

The decision to sell your home is a huge one. After all, you probably arrived at it after considerable deliberation and lengthy discussions. However, once you choose to put it up on the market, the next major thing you should think about is interior design. From updating the landscape to including solar panels, numerous people […]

Interior Design Trends

J. Design Group is your premier Miami interior designer with over 26 years of experience. With a complete array of high-end interior design and decorative services, we continue to meet the needs of residential and commercial outfits in South Florida. This includes Fisher Island, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and all surrounding communities. With a highly-dedicated […]

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The latest trends in home decor call for bright colors, and contrasting shades that make a bold statement. For the lay person, it can look impossible to do in their own home. How are they going to make that work without making it look mismatched and amateur? Here are four ways you can make your […]

Designing the interior of any space- office, home, restaurant, or any other type of building- requires careful thought and planning. Depending on your likes, requirements, and budget, you can spend any amount on outfitting your space. This does not necessarily mean that the more you spend, the better your space will be. What matters is […]


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