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Often, when you start designing your home, you come up with a variety of things you want to do to make it perfect. Unfortunately, a good idea can turn into an interior design mistake quickly. Making a few small adjustments to your home can make a huge difference and completely change the way your home […]

The star of the Neil Patrick Harris showed us the interior of his house in New York, where he lives with his family. 2014 was a very eventful year for Harris. He finished filming in the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series and was appointed as the Oscars host (held in spring, 2015). He got […]

Albertus Sonneveld, running the Van Nelle Fabriek factory, was the man in charge of all the tea, coffee and tobacco found in the Netherlands, and therefore a rich man. But he was a rich man in the first generation – energetic and enlightened, ardent admirer of America, where he spent his youth. Johannes Brinkmann and […]

Designer Christopher Coleman has worked out an interior design of an apartment in Miami in polka-dotted style. Trying to describe a good view from the windows, people usually use the word breathtaking. During the first visit to the site of his future interior layout, an apartment on the twenty-seventh floor at CanyonRanch condominium in Miami, […]

Several years ago, Swedish designer and collector of antiques Michael Clattenburg has received an invitation to work for Arab sheikhs and since then he is mainly based in the UAE. He decided to change his 200-meter apartment in Stockholm, to where he makes only short visits, to a more compact housing. The current designer’s apartment […]

Australian artist Jordana Maisie, who lives in Brooklyn and creates architectural, light and sculptural installations, has decorated a boutique in Manhattan for the shoe brand Feit, whose interior is ‘folded’ from thin sheets of plywood. The laconic boots and shoes, made of calf and buffalo leather, Josh and Tull Prices have been manually sewing for […]

Designer Carlo Rampazzi decorated an interior in white and blue colors, with dominance of marine motifs for his client from Miami. It’s a real mermaid’s home. Once designer Carlo Rampazzi had a call from the client, who was thinking of buying an apartment in Miami. But she would do so only if Rampazzi took up […]

In the late 1930s, Miami was covered in the second wave of art deco enthusiasm. The United States had still not fully recovered from the Great Depression and the excesses that were allowed in the twenties, were out of question: art deco was no longer screaming about luxury, it was talking about it in a […]

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is branding, especially when you’re in the hospitality industry. Competition is tough so you have to find ways to identify with potential clients. In most cases, consumers that choose your hotel do so because your brand stood out and captured their attention. They saw something […]


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