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Your brand is your company’s identity and there are so many different ways to use it to market your business. For example, if you have a physical address, your brand should be incorporated into your interior design. You want people to recognize your company’s brand no matter where they see it and this will help […]

Creating an interior design for commercial property is a complicated process. You have to consider every detail of the design carefully to make sure you’re creating both a comfortable and functional space. Even careful consideration goes into something as simple as where to place the electrical outlets, to avoid problems later. Therefore, a lot of […]

If it’s one thing that can ruin a good interior design, it’s clutter. No design will look good when it’s filled with clutter, which is why eliminating it is a very important part of interior decorating. Clutter consists of all types of things from having too much furniture in your home to having too many […]

For years, men have had the “man cave”, which is a special room in the home designed just for them. You can decorate the space to suit your individual tastes because it’s your room and no one else in the home uses it. Today, the “mom cave” is growing in popularity and it’s the same […]

As your needs change, your home design may become outdated when it comes to style and functionality but a remodel can help you get the most from your interior space. Remodeling is a great way to maintain a modern and fully functional design but large projects can be stressful and take a long time if […]

When you hire an interior designer for any project, it’s important that you trust them to do their job or you’ll end up with a lot of problems. It can be difficult to let go and give control to someone else but it is necessary in this case. You hired the designer for his expertise, […]

Adding a pool to your property is a great investment for any homeowner. It’ll provide many long hours of fun and entertainment for your family and guests but before you can get your project underway, you have to decide if you want an indoor or an outdoor pool. It’s a big decision because both options […]

Are you tired of everyone moping around the home complaining they have nothing to do? Are you considering adding an entertainment room but you’re not excited about dealing with the construction building a new room would require? There is an alternative. Instead of using your attic for a storage space, turn it into an entertainment […]

Interior design, like fashion, is ever changing and what was hot last year may no longer be in vogue today.  The only difference in residential interior design and the fashion world is that some trends can be out much quicker in fashion.  But when new trends come to home design, they tend to be drastic […]


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