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Working at home has a lot of perks but it also creates a whole new set of problems. Sometimes, it can be difficult for family members to understand that you still need to put in a full day’s work to stay on schedule and you may even need to work overtime once in awhile. The […]

When you hire an interior designer for any project, it’s important that you trust them to do their job or you’ll end up with a lot of problems. It can be difficult to let go and give control to someone else but it is necessary in this case. You hired the designer for his expertise, […]

You may know that a good office interior design can increase the productivity of the staff but you may not know that it also affect sales. From corporate offices to car dealerships, the impression you make on your business partners and clients play a major role in how many people choose to do business with […]

Working at home is more common today than ever before and while it may seem like the ultimate arrangement, it does come with its own set of challenges. Many things can interfere with your ability to get the work done when your home doubles as an office. From the baby crying or kids fighting to […]

Every decision you make about your business affects the amount of success you have in some way. Some things obviously play a major role in the future of your company while others are not quite as noticeable but they still make a difference. Take for instance your office interior design. Did you know that it […]

If you work from home then you need to have a home office where you can get away from everything and concentrate on the work at hand.  There are so many distractions in the home that it can be nearly impossible to get anything done without having a dedicated office.  Those who have been considering […]


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