Bar Interior Design Services

Whether you are planning to build a luxury bar in your own home or you are planning to build a pub, J. Design group has the expertise to create an innovative, state-of-the-art design solution for you that will articulate your own vision. As a leading interior design company in Southern Florida, we have been serving the hospitality industry for a number of years. We are a dominant player in bar interior design specializing in all aspects of construction, purchasing, supervision and coordination of design project.

Designing a bar is a complex task that requires the skill set of an engineer and creativity of an artist. This is what makes J. Design group, a cut above the rest in the industry. Our philosophy is to focus on image, functionality and budget constraints when we undertake a project in bar interior design. Image is a very important element because it defines the type of business and reflects client’s vision. Functionality of a space influences employee productivity and clientele, which is a key to the success of any hospitality business. We are committed to finishing every phase of the design project in time and within budget.

Creating an inviting, comfortable environment for clients is one of the prime objectives when we design a bar. Selection of all visual and acoustical elements is very important that includes flooring, wall coverings and furniture. We specialize in creating that glamorous atmosphere in the bar by using state-of-the-art illumination that combines the effect of hidden lights and exquisite light fixtures along with appropriate use of glass and mirror panels.

With custom designed bar countertops, built in stylish wall cabinets and elegant stool selection, our designers will create a one of a kind bar for you were customers will keep coming back to enjoy that perfect atmosphere.


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