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Hiring a Key Biscayne Interior Designer

Are you trying to decide if it’s time to hire a Key Biscayne interior designer to remake your space? To many, interior designers seem like just a nice but unnecessary undertaking; after all, it couldn’t be that difficult to pick out accessories and draperies, right?

It may help to view an interior designer as any other professional you would need, such as a mechanic or a plumber. You certainly wouldn’t want to undertake these jobs on your own without the experience, so why risk your decorating project turning into a nightmare?

A number of things can go wrong when you try to put together a space on your own. Carefully chosen paint can look like mud once you finally get it on the walls, contractors you hired to save money may damage the crown molding and you may realize just a bit too late that the beautiful custom-tailored couch you ordered just doesn’t quite make it through the door. At the end of this you’re left with the stunning realization that you would have saved yourself a great deal of time, effort and money by hiring a professional designer.

What our Key Biscayne Interior Designers Can Do for You

Our interior designers work to bring your vision to life in your space and keep this vision in their crosshairs throughout the entire process. Our designers have years of experience and they’ll save you from those costly, embarrassing and time-consuming rookie mistakes. With decades of experience in the industry, they also have access to unique resources, including highly skilled trades people, contractors and other important contractors.

With a talented designer from J. Design Group on your team, we’ll maximize your budget because our designers understand the cost of things and usually negotiate to get them for less. Our designers will also take the time to review your budget before the project gets underway and advise you which areas should receive the focus of your budget and which areas will be fine with less. The designers of J. Design Group remain up to date on the latest trends with access to a number of services and products you might not even know exist.

Our interior designers will take your project to the next level, whether you’re renovating a single room in your home, the entire house or you’re planning a major commercial space.

Why J. Design Group?

J. Design Group has close to 30 years of experience serving the area and our Key Biscayne interior design team is second to none. We offer a full range of high-end interior design services for both commercial and residential spaces and our talented designers will handle every aspect of the project from beginning to end, including concept development to bring your ideas to life.

At J. Design Group, we focus on strict budget and time management and set up a reasonable time frame to make sure your project is completed on time and exceeds your every expectation. Our services include selecting colors, materials, furnishings, accessories, communication systems, light and wall coverings to evaluating bids and vendors, final installation and complete project coordination.

J. Design Group has extensive experience with everything from designing upscale hotels and restaurants to luxury homes or casual living areas. Whether you’re redecorating your home or plan to open a new commercial space, trust in the experienced Key Biscayne interior design team at J. Design Group to capture your vision and give you a functional yet beautiful space.



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