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bigstock-Modern-office-interior-12177392-300x205Just as with designing the common areas of a corporate environment, office interior design is first and foremost about function. At J Design group, we look, listen and then design based on how the space is being used – or how you feel it ought to be used. Do your employees require the ability to easily converse with one another? Will they need to be able to easily move about the space to work in teams? Or perhaps your business is such that employees will require privacy or space to meet with clients. These are the kinds of things we consider when designing your office space.

If your business relies on creative teamwork amongst your employees, we might work an office interior design that steers clear of cubicles or other enclosed workspaces, and ppt instead for open-concept workspaces that allow for more fluid movement and the exchange of ideas. Also, if your employees need space to review large documents (such as proofs, architectural drawings or mock-ups), our office interior design might incorporate large, effectively lit common areas.

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In the past, our office design for employees that require access to common files or other mutual resources, ensure these can be centrally located and accessible. J Design group knows that employees will be more productive if the number of steps they need to take to get where they need to go is kept to a minimum.

Likewise, choose our expert office interior designers to show you how important a role color plays here, too. J Design group has dedicated years to the psychology of color and how to best apply these principles to workspaces. Fiery tones of orange and red, for example, will inspire energy and vibrancy, while cool tones of blue and grey will be more calming. We look closely at the kind of moods you want to instil in your team and how to reduce tempers and stress through office designs that promote a feeling of calm. We can use your design to silently motivate your team by injecting energy into your space and we don’t limit ourselves to only walls. J Design group will create a cohesive mood by choosing the right chairs, work surfaces, and accessories in a scheme that creates the mood you’re after.

Without question, your client is an important consideration to us, and that’s why we create an office interior design that will appeal to your client’s sensibilities. If your client is likely to want privacy (in a law firm, for example), we ensure you have meeting space that allows for discretion. If, on the other hand, your team will be working collaboratively to pitch ideas to a client, we ensure you have enough space for that, too.

Creating a functional workspace relies upon knowing the needs of your employees and on the wishes of your clients. Meeting both of those needs can sometimes be tricky, but striking a balance can really pay off. Choose J Design group to meet the needs of everyone who interfaces with your office design.

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