Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

bigstock-modern-kitchen-with-red-cupboa-18835397_f_improf_2300x1971Residential interior design changes can be as simple as changing the lighting of a room, or as complex as completely renovating your living space. In the end, the path you choose should express your tastes, support your budget, and withstand the fly-by-night fashion whims you’ll be forced to live with for years to come.

The first thing you should remember when formulating the plan for your residential interior design is to be wary of the latest trends. Trends are fun while they’re hot, but they can be an eyesore when they’re not. If trends are not your forte, a residential interior design firm or a residential interior designer may be helpful in choosing a plan that meets your unique personality. In the end, selecting a trend that withstands the fashion tests of time will increase the likelihood that you will enjoy the look for many years to come.

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One tried and true trick is to picture your home as party central. Imagine people standing in each room before you make any final decisions on the amount and arrangement of furniture. Is the room crowded? Is it functional and practical? Are there enough seats or is it standing room only? Are lamps, tables or other furniture obstructing the view for seated guests who may want to join in a conversation? These are all important considerations that will make your home the comfortable, hospitable haven everyone is clamoring to visit – and imitate with their own residential interior design.

Residential interior designers will tell you that when planning the layout of a room, always choose one piece of art or furniture around which you would like the room centered. This will give the room a very clean, organized feeling. Also, adding a touch of white to the room’s décor, in the form of a pillow or throw, is good for a little elegance and glamour.

Are the floors and walls the way you want them to appear? Would the room look better with wood flooring instead of carpet? Drywall instead of wood paneling? New tile?

In addition to walls and floors, don’t forget to pay attention to lighting. Poor lighting can make even the grandest residential interior design look rough. Good lighting will also be an added convenience for those party guests and an important tool in creating the residential interior design of your dreams.

Any lighting setup is enhanced by a coat of fresh paint that complements it. Not the painting type? Our motto is ‘just do it and be done with it!’. Painting is an upgrade that is generally tax deductible and will reward dividends if you ever decide to sell your home. But don’t wait until you sell your home to make these upgrades, choosing a new residential interior design now will allow you to enjoy the upgrades you’ve wanted for years.

In short, whether you have the budget of Paris Hilton, or are designing on a dime, your residential interior design project can transform your home into the house of your dreams. Paint, lighting and a few adjustments to furniture and decor can provide a unmeasurable satisfaction for years to come.



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