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South Beach Interior Design

Hiring a South Beach Interior Designer

Many people think of hiring interior designers as a nice but unnecessary task. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional South Beach interior designer to remake your home, office or commercial space, it helps to think of them as any other professional, whether it’s a plumber or a mechanic.

You certainly wouldn’t want to attempt a job without having the experience yourself and many don’t really appreciate the work of any professional until a do-it-yourself project turns into a disaster.

Putting together a space, whether it’s a single room or an entire restaurant, is a serious undertaking. Hundreds of things can go wrong, from contractors who crack expensive crown molding to fabric that looks overwhelming once it’s in the space.

If you don’t have an eye for design and don’t have experience coordinating a large project and hiring the right contractors, it’s best to leave the project to a professional so you don’t end up with that sinking realization that you would have saved a great deal of time, money and frustration by working with a designer from the beginning.

What Our South Beach Interior Designers Can Do for You

Our experienced interior designers will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life and keep this vision in their crosshairs while overseeing the project. Our designers will save you from those costly rookie errors and, with their decades of experience in the industry comes access to unique resources, including talented trades people and other contacts.

The talented designers at J. Design Group also specialize in maximizing your budget for your space and they’ll go over this budget with you before the project begins and give you advice for the areas that should remain the focus and where you can afford to spend less. Our designers also remain up to date on the latest trends with access to a number of products and services that just became available.

Above all else, the professional designers at J. Design Group will bring your project to the next level, whether you’re planning a modest project for a single room in your house or remaking an upscale commercial space.

Why J. Design Group?

We have close to 30 of experience in the industry and our South Beach interior design team is second to none. J. Design Group offers a full range of upscale design services for both commercial and residential spaces and oversees the project from start to finish, beginning to concept development to really bring your ideas to life.

We focus on budget and time management and work within your budget to ensure the project is finished within your time line and exceeds your every expectation. We handle the selection of colors, materials, furnishings, communication and lighting, accessories and all other details and evaluate the vendors and bids. We’ll also oversee the installation and coordinate your project.

J. Design Group has experience with everything from 5-star restaurants and upscale dining to luxury homes and casual spaces. Whether you want to redesign your home or open a new commercial space, turn to the talented and experienced South Beach interior design team at J. Design Group to accurately bring your vision to life and transform the space into something functional and beautiful.



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