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Restaurant Color Matters: Choose Something That Doesn’t Upset Customers

by Support Team .

Friday, May 20, 2016

When you walk into your favorite dining place, the restaurant color of it creates quite the stir in your mind whether or not you know it. In fact, your restaurant color matters more than you think it might. It is important that you choose colors that evoke the right feelings, otherwise, you may have some unhappy customers who simply do not want to eat any longer. Below, we will go over some of the different color options you will come across and what they mean for your business.

Red Restaurant Color

Red is a color that is bold and it makes a statement of many sorts. You do need to be careful with this color because it can symbolize anger and trigger people to think of someone who is made or upset. On the other hand, red can be combined with white or pink to create a symbol of love and compassion.

Orange and Yellow Restaurant Colors

Yellow is a color that tends to remind people of the sun and happiness. While yellow does not cause people to experience negative emotions, a harsh shade of yellow can cause strain on the eyes and your guests may head for the door.

Orange is a good color to choose because it helps excite people and it provides a nice rustic look as well. You should avoid painting solid walls orange and use it as an accent color instead.

Black Restaurant Color

The color black indicates upscale and elegant. Your restaurant can use black accents to help draw customers in, especially if you have an upscale steakhouse or sushi restaurant. You should avoid painting the walls black as this will only darken the restaurant and create a dreary feeling. Instead, paint the walls beige or white and use black linens.

White Restaurant Color

Everyone loves the color white on walls as it is often associated with things that are clean and pure. You cannot go wrong with white, but if you do choose to decorate with white items, make sure you do keep them clean as white shows everything.

Green Restaurant Color

Green is a color that reminds people of nature and if you have a restaurant that is focused on organic food or giving back to the environment, this is a great color to choose. If you are not keen on the idea of painting your entire restaurant green in color, consider using green accents such as green napkins or green highlights on the walls.

When it comes to decorating the interior of your restaurant, make sure to choose colors that your customers will appreciate and avoid choosing decorations that are too flashy or booths that are uncomfortable.

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