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Tiny Room? Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating

by Support Team .

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Although you may think that you can decorate any room the way you want, well, we suppose you could, it may turn out far from what you had envisioned. This is a common problem that many people have, especially when they want to be able to decorate their home like the pictures they see in magazines.

Some homes just do not have the space and if you don’t, it is okay. Below, we will go over some mistakes that you want to avoid when it comes to decorating your tiny room.

Tiny Room Mistake 1: Neglecting Lighting in the Room

You never want to neglect lighting when it comes to any room, but especially when it is a tiny room. You will find that the room appears much smaller and dreary.

If you have natural light in the tiny room, use it at all times as this will make the room stand out. If you do not have natural lighting, you should use artificial lighting such as lamps, overhead lighting, etc.

Tiny Room Mistake 2: Forgetting about the Walls

Don’t forget about the walls. While a couch, coffee table, and TV stand may make up the main parts of your tiny room, you still have wall space. Hang some décor and add shelves where you can place more décor. You do not want the walls to remain bare as this will just make the room look boring.

Tiny Room Mistake 3: Choosing Items That Are Too Overwhelming

While you may like the chaise lounge that attaches to the sectional couch, don’t force the fit. If your tiny room cannot accommodate a couch that size, squeezing the couch in there will only make the room feel smaller than it already is. Make sure you choose furniture that works with the room and compliments it.

If you have a tiny room in your home, you still need to decorate it and while you may need to come to terms with the fact that the room is small, you can adjust your style to make the room appear bigger.

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